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SHAZAM Enables PaySecure Across Eligible Issuer Base

PaySecure reduces fraud and charge-backs, bringing banks and credit unions significant value

Atlanta, GA, March 29, 2011 — Acculynk and SHAZAM announced today that PaySecure®, Acculynk’s software-only payment method for Internet PIN debit, has been enabled for all of SHAZAM’s eligible banks and credit unions. Acculynk, a leading technology provider in the online payments space and SHAZAM, a premier innovator of electronic funds transfer (EFT) services for 35 years, partnered in the summer of 2009 to pilot PaySecure.

Based on pilot results, which included steady consumer adoption and positive issuer feedback, SHAZAM began enabling more debit/ATM cards for PaySecure in Q4 of 2010, and this month will add nearly all eligible debit/ATM cards in their issuing portfolio.

“We were one of the first EFT networks to announce a partnership with Acculynk for PaySecure back in July 2009, just five months after the product was introduced,” said Terry Dooley, SHAZAM Senior Vice President of Information Technology & Chief Information Officer (CIO). “We certainly understood the utility PaySecure would bring to our financial institutions when we first partnered with Acculynk, but with the potential regulation on debit card interchange, PaySecure becomes even more relevant to our issuer base because of its fraud and charge-back reduction capabilities, which are inherently lower when using a PIN.”

PaySecure is implemented into the online merchant checkout and utilizes a patented, graphical PIN-pad for PIN entry. Consumers use their existing debit card and financial institution-issued PIN to pay with PaySecure right on the merchant website. There are no passwords, enrollment or redirection required, making it a simple payment service for consumers to use for their everyday Internet shopping.

“One out of every two consumers presented the option to enter their PIN with PaySecure do so rather than running their transaction as a signature debit, which is the alternative,” said Ulrike Guigui, EVP of Acculynk. “These overwhelming adoption statistics are testament to the ease of use and security of the solution, and great news for issuers seeking a payment method that brings consistent usage and increased transactions from security-conscious consumers, and a method to gain higher debit card margins in the post-Durbin era.”

“PaySecure helps us differentiate our services from other networks, and right now, issuers are shopping around for new ways to transact online,” said Terry Dooley. “Once issuers are certified, SHAZAM can enable PaySecure on their behalf and manage the bank identification number (BIN) enrollment on behalf of the financial institution on the debit cards they want to participate. There are no technology changes or new back-end connections.”

Acculynk is expanding PaySecure into new channels and applications in 2011. The company announced introduction of its mobile solution in January and is bringing PaySecure to person to person (P2P) authentication this year, in additional to several other product applications which Acculynk has not yet disclosed.

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