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Acculynk’s Payzur, P2P Solution, Selected for BAI Payments Innovation Series

Payzur leverages the debit rails to sidestep traditional P2P challenges

Atlanta, GA, February 27, 2013 — Atlanta-based Acculynk announced today that it has been selected to participate in BAI Payments Innovation. Acculynk will highlight Payzur, its personal commerce (p-commerce) payment technology, which solves many of the challenges that have kept current P2P offerings from reaching scale.

For both financial institutions and consumers, the simplicity of using the established EFT rails and the bank-issued PIN creates a unique opportunity for P2P to reach transaction volumes that have eluded enrollment-based solutions. Payzur’s technology combines the established EFT debit rails with Acculynk’s patented online graphical PaySecure® PIN pad. This new approach represents an ‘out of the box’ round trip P2P transaction for financial institutions.

“Payzur is the type of innovation that makes you say: that’s so simple; why have we been trying to make it so complicated?” The secret is in the PIN. Checks have facilitated personal commerce for decades and basic technology-enabled real-time money transfer has been around since ATMs have allowed us to enter a PIN to transfer money from our bank accounts to our hands. Put the two together and you get Payzur,” said John Kerley, SVP Payzur, Acculynk. “Banks and credit unions are eager to replace expensive paper check processing with Payzur’s bank-branded approach to p-commerce that is so simple for consumers to adopt.”

BAI Payments Connect puts a spotlight on the fifteen most innovative payments solutions providers selected from among the hundreds who applied. Participants present their payments business idea, innovation or technology solution, in a rapid-fire 8-minute presentation demo.

The event will be held on Tuesday, March 12, at the BAI Payments Connect Conference & Expo 2013, in Orlando.

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