The True Debit™ global payment gateway that leverages EFT networks
to reduce cost, accelerate settlement and increase security.


Enterprise Merchants
More customers. Faster, lower cost settlement through EFT networks. More secure.

Much Cheaper

Take advantage of Durbin-regulated routing rights and lower interchange and network fees.

Reach Chinese and Indian Consumers

Accept UnionPay, AliPay and RuPay with a superior user experience.

UnionPay Demo

RuPay Demo

Eliminate Fraud

Patented PIN authentication technology shifts all fraud liability away from the merchant.

Frictionless User Experience

PaySecure Internet PIN debit gives the consumer a familiar authentication experience without enrollment or leaving the merchant site.


Additional Enterprise Solutions: Payzur direct to debit disbursement
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Small/Mid-sized Merchants
Small and medium-size merchants use our PayLeap platform to take payments using our lower cost EFT networks for debit settlement.

All Kinds of Payments

First Data supports online, mobile, face-to-face and phone payments.

Cheaper and Faster

First Data uses lower cost EFT networks to settle your debit transactions rather than the credit card networks. (EFT networks also settle faster.)

Easy Setup

Start taking payments on your web site or mobile app with a simple link to our hosted page. Use our APIs and SDKs for a completely customized process.

More Secure

Only First Data offers online and mobile PIN debit authentication.

Issuers and Networks
Securely enable your cards for online and mobile use.

New Transaction Types

Unlock local scheme cards for cross border and domestic eCommerce purchases and disbursements.

More Volume

PaySecure brings more transaction volume from security-conscious consumers.

Real Time

Customers get their money in seconds, not days, producing a marketable differentiator.


Patented authentication framework provides multi-level security to eliminate fraud.

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Once we started accepting UnionPay our China sales went from $20,000 a month to $4,000,000 a month.”
Major Online Retailer

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