Municipal Solutions

Unlock innovative new payment types to expand electronic adoption, increase revenue and drive down cost.


Bill Payment
Drive greater consumer adoption at lower cost

Higher Adoption

Usable by everyone, everywhere: credit cards … debit cards … ATM cards … pre-paid cards. Works on mobile and web out of the box.

Up to 35% Less Costly

Debit transactions settle across our debit networks faster and at dramatically lower cost than credit network settlement

Great Reporting Tools

Extensive reporting to support you … and your Finance department

Unique Security Measures

Unique First Data dual authentication debit technology protects you from fraud/chargebacks and provides same day guaranteed funds

Bill Presentment
Electronic bill presentment for local and state governments

Reduce Cost

Converting to electronic bill presentment eliminates paper, printing and postage costs

Faster Collection

Bills are presented instantly and paid more quickly.


Electronic bills go directly to the consumer, without passing through the hands of printers, postal employees or others living at the postal address.

Easy to Implement

You provide a billing file to First Data. We do the rest.

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First Data is the only payment process that has been approved by 10+ PIN debit networks to securely capture, process and verify a true PIN debit transaction.”
Head of Procurement / City of Atlanta

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