About First Data Corp. / Acculynk

Acculynk is a patent backed payment and authentication innovator backed by one of the largest venture capital funds in the US. Our founders have successfully launched and sold multiple disruptive businesses in the Financial Technology market. We serve some of the largest and fastest growing eCommerce markets in the world including China, India, Puerto Rico, and the US. Our solutions unlock billions of consumers for in-country and cross-border online and mobile commerce. Acculynk’s PaySecure® graphical scrambling PIN-pad is the only technology that has been approved across multiple domestic and international networks for online / mobile PIN entry to secure a payment transaction.

Acculynk solutions include a True Debit™ gateway which enables least cost debit routing for eCommerce merchants via PaySecure® and PIN-less transactions on the EFT networks; PayLeap, a combined gateway and acquiring card processing service; PayGov, an electronic bill payment and presentment solution; and Payzur, a debit-based P2P and real time disbursement solution.

Acculynk’s solutions are currently enabled on more than 6,000 merchant websites. Acculynk has partnerships with 11 EFT networks, six leading payment processors, and is certified with PULSE, First Data and Master Card, among other key industry leaders.

In March 2017, Acculynk was acquired by First Data to expand its ecommerce solutions in the debit card acceptance space.

First Data / Acculynk Mission

First Data is dedicated to meeting the needs of merchants, consumers and payment processing constituents with innovative new services that will create value for our stakeholders.

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